hashmail console for dapps is live!



2023-02-17 | 8 min read


We at hashmail are psyched to announce the public launch of the hashmail console for decentralized applications.

hashmail is the easiest way for dapps to reach their web3 users across channels.

Basically, we're like twilio, natively built for a decentralized world

why do dapps need a communication solution?

Most dapps in web3 suffer from three acute problems - high churn, poor engagement, low repeat rates.

The root cause is communication - or rather the lack of it.

Your customers in web3 need and expect richer, more personalized communications (transaction updates, statements, reminders), across multiple channels of their choice (not just on your discord or telegram)

web3 dev teams deeply understand this issue, but have often struggled to prioritize setting up a communications infrastructure. Understandly so, due to the enormous complexity in setting up a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use communications infrastructure

hashmail simply abstracts all this away for you.

hashmail provides a single API for dapps to reach users across channels

You can communicate with users on their wallet address, email, telegram, discord, and even your own front-end

1. Embed the hashmail widget to message users on your front-end

Deliver communications to all your users, even if the user has never signed up to hashmail Display full-fledged emails sent to the user's wallet address on the widget itself Save precious developer bandwidth - takes <10 min and 2 lines of code to integrate on your FE

embed widget

2. Send emails to users on their wallet address or any linked decentralized identity

You can reach your user's wallet address across devices on the hashmail web and mobile inbox

hashmail inbox

3. Auto-forward emails to your user's preferred channels

hashmail delivers messages across a user's Telegram, Discord DM and web2 email (with other channels coming shortly)

auto forward

The hashmail console is a unified communications hub for your product, growth and engineering teams

With the hashmail console you can:

  • Manage user preferences and consent
  • Send bulk emails to wallet addresses
  • View message analytics
  • Setup comms templates
  • Build campaigns
  • Manage your API tokens, team and more

All in a simple, easy-to-use interface - signup today at https://console.hashmail.dev

auto forward

We obsess over security and compliance, so you don't have to

  • All messages and user preferences are stored with deep encryption to ensure complete privacy and security of comms.

  • Message content is stored privately in IPFS in the standard EML format for permissionless access.

  • Advanced anti-spam filters for safe and secure communication experiences for users. As an added layer of security, we do a manual verification and onboarding of dapps to ensure a safe experience for users.

Finally, we are fully compliant with GDPR, and all other similar regulations on user communication, so that you can focus on building your dapp!

security and compliance

In our closed beta, we partnered with leading dapps across multiple chains, who saw massive lifts in CSAT, retention and repeat rates

We support 20+ dapps across all EVM chains (Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Arbitrum, Optimism, OKC, Bitgert), as well as Solana. We will soon be expanding to NEAR, Aptos, Sui, and more

dapp improvements

Integrate hashmail in <30 min to deliver a world-class user experience

  1. Signup to the hashmail console and setup your configuration - <1 min

  2. Embed the widget on your front-end - 10 min

  3. Setup email triggers to a wallet address - 20 min

Signup to the hashmail console >>

Read our docs >>